Interplast - Fair of Plastics Technology in Brazil - Visitors and Exhibitors Testimonials

Bruno Duarte - Gerente Comercial


The fair’s organization deserves congratulations for the workshops and the diversity of exhibitors, from equipment to supplies. I came to the fair intending to strengthen and expand relationships, which was very productive.

William dos Santos - Gerente Comercial

Cristal Master

We received a qualified number of visitors from large companies, partners, and clients. The structure of the fair, like in previous editions, was very good.

Leandro Goulart - Gerente Comercial


We are surprised by the technical quality of the visitors and happy with the results. Interplast is an important event for maintaining and intensifying contact with clients and for strengthening market presence.

Japan Tammerik - Consultor Comercial

Virtual Automação

It was the first participation in Interplast, which exceeded expectations. We sold two pieces of equipment and another six are expected to be finalized soon. We intend to return in the next edition.

Rodrigo Vizigal


"We made important contacts, especially from the Rio - São Paulo axis. We identify companies interested in investing in new technologies. It was a very positive and promising event. "

Jean Cardoso - Director


"I'm happy and surprised with the results of the fair. The receptivity was excellent, we even consolidated business and are optimistic about the possible opportunities identified. The signs of economic recovery are clear, as we have already grown 70% in sales over the same period of 2016 "

Jorge Vogelsanger

GTF Ferramentaria

"We are having several unexpected visits, and we have already prospected great deals"

"Interplast this year surprised"

Glaúco Romi


"The fair had a quality visitation 80% higher than the last edition. We received visits with interest in products from all segments where we operate: injection machines, blow machines and tools. We even consolidated business during the event with customers from SC, PR and SP."

"We consider the structure to receive the event very good, since the entrance to the pavilion, very well organized organization."

"Undoubtedly, this is a compulsory fair that ROMI participates."

"The level of exhibitors is very interesting at this fair. We received many feedbacks from companies that are already visiting our booth, and also from new companies looking for solutio

Fernando Carnevalli


"For Carnevalli it is always very important to participate in Interplast" "Very important for our sector, especially the region of Santa Catarina"

Cássio Saltori

Director - Wittmann Battenfeld

"The fair went beyond expectations. The level of visitation is technically excellent in this region. The professionals know very well what they are looking for at the fair, with theoretical approach, knowledge of tools and robot hydraulic machines, automation. The customer comes looking for new technologies and modernity. " "The fair gave us a good business outlook for the future." "The level of visitation is technically excellent, visitors know very well what they are looking for at the fair, with theoretical approaches, technical issues, knowledge of machines and tooling, automation robots."

Edson Penido


"We brought launches to the fair and observed a good receptivity from the market. We receive clients from all segments that we operate and make contacts with companies from Mercosur and the United States. The fair was a pleasant surprise. "

"We are receiving a lot of visits from people from Mercosur and the USA, finally from outsiders visiting the fair. For us a pleasant surprise."

Alfredo Schnabel Fuentes


"The fair is very good, with excellent visitation level, every day gradually increased the volume of visitors and the qualified public. Public not only here from the south, but from other states like SaoPaulo and even from the northeast. We are very pleased with Interplast."

"We received a qualified audience made up of owners, industrial and supply directors, not only from companies in the south, but from the northeast, São Paulo capital and interior. Messe Brasil is to be congratulated for the organization and we are already evaluating the participation in the next edition."

Golden Maq

Golden Maq

"The fair is extraordinary, one of the best fairs I've ever attended"



We can do some business tomorrow and promote others that after the fair will certainly be realized.