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18 de March de 2020

Valmasterb presents a complete portfolio of masterbatch solutions

The complete portfolio of masterbatch solutions will be presented by Valmasterb at Interplast. The three main lines include carbonate compounds, white master and performance additives. Masterbatches are developed by Valmasterb in the most diverse formulations to serve the plastic processing industry for packaging. Masterbatches – White Master White masterbatch solutions […]
5 de March de 2020

Adolpho Mayer exhibits raw materials from world brands at Interplast with customized formulations and processes

In a stand shared with world leading brands, Adolpho Mayer brings raw material solutions to its stand with customized formulations and processes for the most different applications. The portfolio includes raw materials for the transformation of PVC compounds, composite materials in PRFV, polyolefin resins, raw materials for rubber and technical […]
5 de March de 2020

SK Usinagem strengthens personalized service to customers in their participation in Interplast

The line of machined components can be seen at SK Usinagem booth at Interplast, where the company takes the opportunity to strengthen personalized service to customers. The components produced by machining, through the process of serial micro machining, are parts that customers use to assemble the final products. Among the […]
5 de March de 2020

Previsão releases mold tipper and mold shelf at Interplast

Previsão Presilhas, specialized in handling and fixing solutions, releases the mold tipper and the mold shelf at Interplast. The mold tipper was developed to meet an industry challenge for an activity that requires a lot of care. The solution reduces the risk of accidents for operators and mold drop due […]
5 de March de 2020

Virtual Plastic confirms media partnership for Interplast 2020 and discloses the digital business platform

The digital business platform and exclusive disclosures for the plastic market, Plástico Virtual, confirmed the media partnership for Interplast 2020. In this strategy, the portal publicizes the event and takes advantage of the media support in the disclosures of the event. Plástico Virtual is today the largest portal in the […]
5 de March de 2020

Matripeças develops solutions for molds and dies intended for tooling

Component solutions for molds and dies intended for tooling will be highlighted at Matripeças at Interplast. The company develops and markets a wide range of components such as extractor pins, columns, bushings, daters, centralizers, extraction bushings, springs, punches, ball collars, spherical bushings and rectified bars. Matripeças was a pioneer in […]