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Notícias da Interplast

27 de April de 2020

Polifibras launches a wooden masterbatch of natural fibers of rice bark, with its own patent

The wooden masterbatch of natural fibers developed and patented by Polifibras will be officially launched by the company at the Interplast expo.  Obtained from rice bark, the wooden masterbatch of natural fibers is added into the thermoplastic resin for application in injection and extrusion processes, with a strong environmental and […]
5 de March de 2020

Previsão releases mold tipper and mold shelf at Interplast

Previsão Presilhas, specialized in handling and fixing solutions, releases the mold tipper and the mold shelf at Interplast. The mold tipper was developed to meet an industry challenge for an activity that requires a lot of care. The solution reduces the risk of accidents for operators and mold drop due […]
3 de March de 2020

Baerlocher launches products for PVC processing technologies at Interplast

One of the world leaders in the supply of additives to the plastics industry, Baerlocher launches products for PVC processing technology at Interplast 2020. The company’s objective is to present to clients in the Brazilian and South American market the latest in new and customized solutions in special additives designed […]
20 de February de 2020

Different raw material solutions can be checked at Interplast

The most varied raw material solutions and technologies for the plastics industry can be found at Interplast 2020, from August 11 to 14, in Joinville / SC. Among the exhibitors are confirmed major national and international brands such as Arkema, Baerlocher, Chemson, Fabrício Petroquímica and Sun Ace. The global manufacturer […]
10 de February de 2020

Interplast will be attended by suppliers of PVC, Masterbatches and thermoplastic compounds

The main fair in the plastic segment, which brings together the entire chain of the sector, Interplast, has already confirmed the presence of the main manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials in the sector. Among the confirmed companies are Dacarto manufacturer of PVC compounds and masterbatches, Dakhia that develops compounds […]
10 de February de 2020

Interplast will have exhibitors with their own technologies for manufacturing machinery and equipment and importers

The diversity of options in machines and equipment with innovative technologies has been a mark of Interplast in recent editions. In 2020, the fair will once again have major supplier brands in the segment, such as SIMCO, which will exhibit the portfolio of imported machines, Roscan, which will demonstrate the […]
10 de February de 2020

Interplast will have news in advanced manufacturing technologies

With technology increasingly present in people’s lives and increasing demand from industries for advanced manufacturing (industry 4.0), investments in automation to maintain competitiveness in the plastics industry are a path of no return. In line with this market momentum, the number of exhibitors that will bring news in robotics and […]
21 de January de 2020

Global machine and equipment manufacturers ensure presence at Interplast

The presence of machine and equipment manufacturers, owners of the most advanced technologies for the plastic industry, has been gaining strength among Interplast exhibitors. Mega Steel with Brazilian origin ensures presence among international industries providing and continuously expanding its presence in the international market. ARBURG brings to Interplast the injection […]
21 de January de 2020

Interplast will have equipment for different features and processes

Among Interplast exhibitors are confirmed manufacturers and suppliers of national and imported equipment for the different processes of the plastic industry. Rone will exhibit its wide portfolio of mills, Industrial Frigo the equipment with Italian technology for temperature control and LGMT the machining of fundamental parts for the operation of […]