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29 de April de 2020

ERP Software of Projedata designed for plastic industry streamlines resources of the productive process

ERP Iniflex Software, designed and developed by Projedata for the plastic industry will be presented for the first time to Interplast´s visitors. The use of the system assists the streamlining of the manufacturing process, provides reduction of returns and losses of materials, and maximizes the use of production resources. When […]
29 de April de 2020

Interplast’s release of Belplast’s special compounds with different formulations and properties

The special compounds with different formulations and properties of Beplast are the releases that company will exhibit in its booth at Interplast. Beplaslen line comes from the  polymer industry demand that always identified in the versatility of the polyolefin compounds a great differential. This family of compounds is based on […]
15 de April de 2020

RAPOSO PLÁSTICOS exhibits its diversity of recycled plastic resins

A company with more than 30 years in the market, specialized in recycled plastic resins, RAPOSO PLÁSTICOS exhibits at Interplast the diversity of solutions in plastic recycling and commercialization of recycled resins. The company has a diversity of products that meet the specifications of the injection, blow and extrusion market. […]
15 de April de 2020

Lecture regarding the New NR 12 promoted by ABIMAQ at Interplast highlights the changes in the standard

“The new NR 12 – ordinance 916 of July 31, 2019” is the theme of the lecture that ABIMAQ – Brazilian Association of Machinery and Equipment Industry, promotes at Interplast, on August 13, from 3 pm to 4 pm. In addition to highlighting the changes in the standard, specialist Sidney […]
15 de April de 2020

G4 Máquinas launches high speed plastic flat bag-perforating machine with capacity for three simultaneous rolls

The Hortroll 900 3-lane flat-bottom perforating machine is the launch that G4 Máquinas takes to Interplast 2020. The perforating machine differentiates itself by its high operating speed, expandable shaft rewinding and capacity to make three rolls at the same time. The Hortroll 900 is a 900 mm wide plastic flat […]
18 de March de 2020

Valmasterb presents a complete portfolio of masterbatch solutions

The complete portfolio of masterbatch solutions will be presented by Valmasterb at Interplast. The three main lines include carbonate compounds, white master and performance additives. Masterbatches are developed by Valmasterb in the most diverse formulations to serve the plastic processing industry for packaging. Masterbatches – White Master White masterbatch solutions […]
17 de March de 2020

CCP exhibits a complete line of PVC compounds at the Interplast trade show

The complete line of PVC compounds may be seen by Interplast visitors at the CCP booth. The company works with granulation processes for flexible materials that meet diverse applications and markets. It also provides the dry cutting process for lining, injection, pipes, profile, and corrugated lines. CCP’s activities are entirely […]
17 de March de 2020

APTA Resinas presents materials for the automotive industry

APTA brings Lotte Chemical’s complete line of engineering plastics, RadiciGroup polyamides, INEOS Styrolution styrenics, TPU’s Lubrizol and ExxonMobil’s Exceed and Enable polymers performance lines. The highlight is the Polycarbonate, ASA, and ABS Blends that can be injected in their own color without the need for painting, developed by Lotte Chemical […]
5 de March de 2020

Adolpho Mayer exhibits raw materials from world brands at Interplast with customized formulations and processes

In a stand shared with world leading brands, Adolpho Mayer brings raw material solutions to its stand with customized formulations and processes for the most different applications. The portfolio includes raw materials for the transformation of PVC compounds, composite materials in PRFV, polyolefin resins, raw materials for rubber and technical […]