Lastest News - Plastic Technology Integration Fair in Brazil

Interplast News - The Plastic Fair in Brazil

22 de July de 2020

Roscan spindles and cylinders become a highlight as a result of the improvement of geometries and the metallic alloy applied, increasing both work life and performance

The spindles and cylinders to extruders, injectors, and blowers to be presented by Roscan  at Interplast 2020 will have as their distinguished feature the metallic alloys and the indication of new geometries to each customer and process in the PVC segment. These distinguished features of the new products, allied with […]
22 de June de 2020

Crizaf conveyor belts have Italian technology and profiles in aluminum or stainless steel

The conveyor belts from Crizaf, exhibited at Interplast, have Italian technology and are made of aluminum or stainless still profiles and belts in PU, or modular belts in PP. A global leading company in the segment of conveyor belts and peripheral equipment for the plastics transformation industry, its equipment are […]
18 de June de 2020

LineForm launches plastic packings which meet international standards for the industries of food and shoes

Thermoformed plastic packings with innovating solutions and which meet international standards for the industries of food and shoes are to be launched by LineForm at Interplast. The shoe forms have been created to replace paper, with the upside of being made from recycled material, originated from sources of post-consumption raw […]