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Exhibitors Releases

22 de July de 2020

Roscan spindles and cylinders become a highlight as a result of the improvement of geometries and the metallic alloy applied, increasing both work life and performance

The spindles and cylinders to extruders, injectors, and blowers to be presented by Roscan  at Interplast 2020 will have as their distinguished feature the metallic alloys and the indication of new geometries to each customer and process in the PVC segment. These distinguished features of the new products, allied with […]
22 de June de 2020

Crizaf conveyor belts have Italian technology and profiles in aluminum or stainless steel

The conveyor belts from Crizaf, exhibited at Interplast, have Italian technology and are made of aluminum or stainless still profiles and belts in PU, or modular belts in PP. A global leading company in the segment of conveyor belts and peripheral equipment for the plastics transformation industry, its equipment are […]
18 de June de 2020

LineForm launches plastic packings which meet international standards for the industries of food and shoes

Thermoformed plastic packings with innovating solutions and which meet international standards for the industries of food and shoes are to be launched by LineForm at Interplast. The shoe forms have been created to replace paper, with the upside of being made from recycled material, originated from sources of post-consumption raw […]
18 de June de 2020

Mills granulators from Italian TRIA meet recycling needs in the plastics industry

A world leader in the manufacture of mills and crushers for plastics, the Italian company TRIA exhibits its mills granulators at Interplast. They are equipment developed for plastics recycling within the industries of this segment. The equipment ensures the reuse of the scrap material resulting from the manufacturing processes and […]
18 de June de 2020

Eletrothermo launches thermal insulation solutions for extruders

Thermal insulation solutions for extruders are innovations that Eletrothermo exhibits at Interplast 2020. Among launches are thermal covers made in stainless steel with thermal insulation in ceramic fiber for plastic extruders and ceramic heaters with built-in thermal insulation for thermoforming and vacuum forming. Two launches aimed at improving the increase […]
18 de June de 2020

Master Polymers to launch novelties in special resins and engineering plastics from global partners at Interplast

Novelties in special resins and engineering plastics developed by global partners of Master Polymers will be the highlight of the company’s booth at Interplast. The vast array of special resins and engineering plastics fulfills specific needs of the broadest of segments, including automotive, electro-electronics, industrial, consumer goods, packing, and medical-hospital, […]
18 de June de 2020

Equipment for the handling of PVC compounds set off at Albag’s booth

The Albag‘s pieces of equipment for the handling of PVC compounds, with centralized or stand-alone vacuum-operated tubing system, will be in the spotlight at the company’s booth for Interplast. Yet another differential is the programmable logic controller (PLC) system to automate the supply and even out the level of material […]
29 de April de 2020

Seibt exposes full solutions for plastic recycling at Interplast

The full systems for plastic recycling and the differentials of each Seibt product line can be checked by Interplast’s visitors at the company’s booth. The equipment line comprises mills for grinding center (low rotation mills and special applications as grinding of trims, thermoforming grills, Schredder grinders), fine separators, fiber separators […]
29 de April de 2020

ERP Software of Projedata designed for plastic industry streamlines resources of the productive process

ERP Iniflex Software, designed and developed by Projedata for the plastic industry will be presented for the first time to Interplast´s visitors. The use of the system assists the streamlining of the manufacturing process, provides reduction of returns and losses of materials, and maximizes the use of production resources. When […]
29 de April de 2020

Interplast’s release of Belplast’s special compounds with different formulations and properties

The special compounds with different formulations and properties of Beplast are the releases that company will exhibit in its booth at Interplast. Beplaslen line comes from the  polymer industry demand that always identified in the versatility of the polyolefin compounds a great differential. This family of compounds is based on […]
27 de April de 2020

Polifibras launches a wooden masterbatch of natural fibers of rice bark, with its own patent

The wooden masterbatch of natural fibers developed and patented by Polifibras will be officially launched by the company at the Interplast expo.  Obtained from rice bark, the wooden masterbatch of natural fibers is added into the thermoplastic resin for application in injection and extrusion processes, with a strong environmental and […]
15 de April de 2020

RAPOSO PLÁSTICOS exhibits its diversity of recycled plastic resins

A company with more than 30 years in the market, specialized in recycled plastic resins, RAPOSO PLÁSTICOS exhibits at Interplast the diversity of solutions in plastic recycling and commercialization of recycled resins. The company has a diversity of products that meet the specifications of the injection, blow and extrusion market. […]
15 de April de 2020

G4 Máquinas launches high speed plastic flat bag-perforating machine with capacity for three simultaneous rolls

The Hortroll 900 3-lane flat-bottom perforating machine is the launch that G4 Máquinas takes to Interplast 2020. The perforating machine differentiates itself by its high operating speed, expandable shaft rewinding and capacity to make three rolls at the same time. The Hortroll 900 is a 900 mm wide plastic flat […]
18 de March de 2020

Valmasterb presents a complete portfolio of masterbatch solutions

The complete portfolio of masterbatch solutions will be presented by Valmasterb at Interplast. The three main lines include carbonate compounds, white master and performance additives. Masterbatches are developed by Valmasterb in the most diverse formulations to serve the plastic processing industry for packaging. Masterbatches – White Master White masterbatch solutions […]
17 de March de 2020

CCP exhibits a complete line of PVC compounds at the Interplast trade show

The complete line of PVC compounds may be seen by Interplast visitors at the CCP booth. The company works with granulation processes for flexible materials that meet diverse applications and markets. It also provides the dry cutting process for lining, injection, pipes, profile, and corrugated lines. CCP’s activities are entirely […]
17 de March de 2020

APTA Resinas presents materials for the automotive industry

APTA brings Lotte Chemical’s complete line of engineering plastics, RadiciGroup polyamides, INEOS Styrolution styrenics, TPU’s Lubrizol and ExxonMobil’s Exceed and Enable polymers performance lines. The highlight is the Polycarbonate, ASA, and ABS Blends that can be injected in their own color without the need for painting, developed by Lotte Chemical […]
5 de March de 2020

Adolpho Mayer exhibits raw materials from world brands at Interplast with customized formulations and processes

In a stand shared with world leading brands, Adolpho Mayer brings raw material solutions to its stand with customized formulations and processes for the most different applications. The portfolio includes raw materials for the transformation of PVC compounds, composite materials in PRFV, polyolefin resins, raw materials for rubber and technical […]
5 de March de 2020

Vertec brings to Interplast technology in regulated traceability in Europe and USA

Vertec, specializing in coding and traceability products and services, it brings to Interplast the traceability technology tested and approved by European and American regulations. Vertec’s industrial printers print directly on the surface of products, parts, food, among other materials, improving traceability and eliminating the need to use labels, thus increasing […]
5 de March de 2020

SK Usinagem strengthens personalized service to customers in their participation in Interplast

The line of machined components can be seen at SK Usinagem booth at Interplast, where the company takes the opportunity to strengthen personalized service to customers. The components produced by machining, through the process of serial micro machining, are parts that customers use to assemble the final products. Among the […]
5 de March de 2020

Previsão releases mold tipper and mold shelf at Interplast

Previsão Presilhas, specialized in handling and fixing solutions, releases the mold tipper and the mold shelf at Interplast. The mold tipper was developed to meet an industry challenge for an activity that requires a lot of care. The solution reduces the risk of accidents for operators and mold drop due […]
5 de March de 2020

Matripeças develops solutions for molds and dies intended for tooling

Component solutions for molds and dies intended for tooling will be highlighted at Matripeças at Interplast. The company develops and markets a wide range of components such as extractor pins, columns, bushings, daters, centralizers, extraction bushings, springs, punches, ball collars, spherical bushings and rectified bars. Matripeças was a pioneer in […]
3 de March de 2020

Baerlocher launches products for PVC processing technologies at Interplast

One of the world leaders in the supply of additives to the plastics industry, Baerlocher launches products for PVC processing technology at Interplast 2020. The company’s objective is to present to clients in the Brazilian and South American market the latest in new and customized solutions in special additives designed […]
26 de February de 2020

ALTAX7 highlights equipment and spare parts for the plastic industry at Interplast

Specialized in the sale and technical assistance of equipment for the plastics industry, ALTAX7 highlights its representation of major brands in the South American market, during Interplast. Among the equipment brands, AVALONG (Taiwan) and BEIER (China) stand out. In addition to the sale of equipment, ALTAX7’s portfolio of peripheral solutions […]