Exhibitors Releases

12 de July de 2024

Hece exhibits Equipment for the Production of Small Packaging and High-Speed ​

At Interplast 2024, Hece is present with the pouch packaging production machine, the HP-500 S model. Designed to produce small packaging at high speed, the machine stands out for its innovation and flexibility for the packaging sector. Equipped with the most modern concepts of servo motors, servo drives and PLCs, […]
12 de July de 2024

Econ brings Austrian Granulation Systems Technology to Interplast

  Econ, a world-renowned company in the area of ​​granulation systems, will be present at Interplast 2024, bringing a series of innovations and advanced technologies to the thermoplastics market. With a headquarters in Austria and branches in the United States, China and India, Econ stands out for its ability to […]
12 de July de 2024

Pro-Color presents the PRO+ Innovative Line of Masterbatches, Compounds and Additives aligned with the Circular Economy

Pro-Color, a renowned company in the masterbatches, compounds and additives sector, is present at Interplast 2024 with a comprehensive portfolio of products that meet the most diverse needs of the plastics processing industries. This year’s highlight is the PRO+ line, a range of innovative products that offer differentiated characteristics for […]
12 de July de 2024

BBC brings its Expertise in the Development of Raw Materials for PVC to Interplast

With four decades of experience in the market, BBC is a consolidated company in the supply of high quality raw materials for the PVC processing industry. Strategically located in Itupeva, SP, the company stands out for its verticalized production and sustainable approach, always seeking innovation and excellence in its products […]
12 de July de 2024

Braskem is present at Interplast 2024 with launches, lectures and technical tours

  Braskem, the largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas, is participating in this year’s Interplast with the launch of resins made from recycled materials, an exclusive lecture and a new feature: technical tours guided by the company’s application engineers. Visits will take place twice a day, throughout the […]
12 de July de 2024

BBA Comex Solutions are aimed at Optimizing Processes and Improving the Operational Efficiency of the Packaging and Logistics Line

  BBA Comex, a specialist in process optimization and improving operational efficiency, will be present at Interplast 2024 to present its innovative solutions for the final packaging and logistics line process. It is an opportunity for companies from different sectors to discover how solutions can transform operations, reducing logistics costs […]
10 de July de 2024

Richfield Trading showcases Qualitene Brand, a Global Leader in Polymer Trading and Distribution, at Interplast

At Interplast, Richfield Trading a global leader in polymer trading and distribution aims to showcase Qualitene brand, highlight the features and benefits, and demonstrating its superiority in quality and performance. Engaging with potential clients and partners, the company want to expand market presence and build new relationships. Also expect to […]
8 de July de 2024

Mainard brings to Interplast Innovative Measurement solutions that guarantee Extreme Precision

  Mainard, the main Brazilian manufacturer of quality control instruments related to thickness, grammage and hardness, will be present at Interplast 2024, bringing its entire product line. The big new feature is the measuring table with the ABSOLUT dial indicator. This equipment stands out for its ability to perform readings […]
8 de July de 2024

ENGEL do Brasil presents the e-mac 765/180 Fully Electric Injection Machine suitable for Large Molds

Interplast 2024 has the participation of ENGEL do Brasil, where it presents the most recent version of the fully electric injection machine, the e-mac 765/180. Compact, flexible and efficient, this machine is designed to optimize production space while offering unmatched flexibility and efficiency. The e-mac 765/180 is especially known for […]
8 de July de 2024

Bronze Metal brings to Interplast Special Alloys of High Hardness Bronze and High Conductivity Copper

Interplast, one of the largest technology and innovation fairs for the plastics industry, will feature Bronze Metal’s innovative products, special high-hardness bronze and high-conductivity copper alloys. Highlights include new products such as TZM, an alloy produced through the powder metallurgy process, based on molybdenum with the addition of zirconium and […]
3 de July de 2024

LGMT launches Solution that increases Versatility in Blown Film Extrusion for the Packaging Industry

  LGMT’s main attraction at Interplast 2024 will be the LGMT BLOWN LAB, a balloon-blown film extrusion line designed to process HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE. The launch is especially relevant due to its versatility and small size, making it a laboratory line with all the characteristics of a large line. […]
2 de July de 2024

Discover the Innovations in Pigments and Additives for Color Uniformity that EDEMM brings to the Market

  EDEMM, an emerging and innovative company in the pigmentation and additive sector for polyolefins, marks its presence at Interplast 2024 with a set of technological innovations for the market. Focused on providing the best performance in injection, extrusion, blowing and rotational molding processes, the solutions guarantee superior dispersion of […]
2 de July de 2024

Digitrol brings Innovation in Measurement and Control for the Plastics Industry to Interplast

Digitrol is a reference in providing technological solutions for plastic extrusion processes and has represented Dynisco for 32 years, a global leader in the manufacture of pressure and temperature gauges and measurement instruments. At Interplast 2024, it presents VertexTM, BENCHMARKTM and ECHOTM pressure transducers and transmitters that offer durability, precision […]
2 de July de 2024

Innovation and Sustainability stand out in the Special Materials that Arkema exhibits at Interplast

As a global leader in specialty materials, Arkema is known for manufacturing additives for PVC, engineering plastics, biopolymers, polyamides and thermosetting resins. Visitors to Interplast will have the chance to explore a variety of products at stand 884, which highlight Arkema’s innovation and commitment to sustainability, as well as follow […]
28 de June de 2024

Valgroup exhibits Compounds and Masterbatches developed with cutting-edge technology and wide applicability

  Valgroup, a reference in the production, transformation and recycling of plastic, is present at Interplast with its innovative portfolio of compounds and masterbatches. With more than 45 years of experience in the market and operations in several countries, Valgroup stands out for its technological excellence and commitment to sustainability. […]
28 de June de 2024

JMT Mould: Customized Mold Solutions with Cutting-edge Technology and Focus on Excellence

  JMT Molud has established itself as a reference in the personalized mold market, offering innovative and tailored solutions for each client. Through cutting-edge technology, combined with the expertise of a dedicated team, JMT guarantees high quality molds, durability and impeccable precision, meeting the industry’s most rigorous demands. WIDE RANGE […]
26 de June de 2024

Primotécnica presents Innovation of Crusher Mills and Polyamide Compounds

Interplast will be the stage for innovations and sustainable solutions for the plastics industry, and Primotécnica highlights recycling equipment and polyamide compounds. At the company’s stand at the fair, visitors can learn about the differences in its manufacturing lines, including crushing mills and Polyamide 6 and 6.6 compounds – PRIMID, […]
25 de June de 2024

SEPRO presents Robot that increases the Flexibility and Efficiency of Industrial Applications

Global leader in automation of plastic injection processes, SEPRO presents the SUCCESS 33 X Robot at Interplast, an innovation designed to automate machines from 600T to 1200T. This robot is equipped with advanced features that provide greater flexibility and efficiency in a wide range of industrial applications. The dual servomotorized […]
21 de June de 2024

C Picolo highlights Innovations in Extrusion and Peripheral Machines at Interplast

Interplast promises to be one of the biggest events in the plastics sector in Latin America and C Picolo, renowned representative of manufacturers of plastic extrusion machines and peripherals, brings its innovations to the fair. The company is known for its wide range of plastic extrusion machines focused on the […]
21 de June de 2024

Eixo Snetor Brasil brings news in Engineering Materials and Specialties to Interplast

As a leader in the import and distribution of thermoplastic resins, Eixo Snetor Brasil presents at Interplast new products and partnerships that are redefining industry standards in engineering materials and specialties. The company differentiates itself in the market due to its wide range of products and its network of strategic […]
21 de June de 2024

Plastibras brings Innovative Solutions in Injection Molding, Vacuum Forming and Molds to Interplast

Consolidated in the plastics transformation market, Plastibras brings innovations in injection molding, vacuum forming and molds to Interplast. The company has injection molding machines with different closing force capabilities, which allows it to produce plastic parts with high technical standards. The injection molding machines operate quickly, precisely and safely, ensuring […]
20 de June de 2024

VINMAR exhibits High Performance Polymers intended for import by the Plastic Industry

  VINMAR is an American company based in Houston, Texas, dedicated to supplying high-performance polymers from its global petrochemical partners, including EXXON MOBIL, BOREALIS and LYONDELBASEL. It has a wide range of solutions produced in the USA, Middle East and Asia, supplied to the Brazilian market, such as PE, PP, […]
19 de June de 2024

Advanced Polymers brings innovative and quality solutions to Interplast for the development of engineering plastics

A reference in the production of engineering plastics, Advanced Polymers brings to Interplast its commitment to providing innovative, high-quality solutions to meet the diverse needs of the plastics processing industry. The fair’s stand highlights the latest developments in engineering plastics, compounds and masterbatches. It is the opportunity for visitors to […]
18 de June de 2024

Tecnoserv launches the Mold Holder and presents Differentiated Technology in Thermoplastic Injection

A Brazilian company with 33 years of experience in the thermoplastic injection mold segment, Tecnoserv presents its latest technological innovations at Interplast 2024. With a strong presence in the market, the company stands out for its commitment to cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships in Europe and Asia. This year, visitors […]
14 de June de 2024

Grace develops Extruders and Recycling Systems with Advanced Technology

  Grace, one of the leading global companies developing solutions for the plastics industry, is confirmed for Interplast, where it presents its advanced parallel extruders for PVC granulation, in addition to its extrusion lines for PVC and PE pipes and complete systems recycling. Focusing on total process control, low maintenance […]
12 de June de 2024

Cromex differentiates itself through Innovation and Sustainability in Masterbatches and Additives for Plastics

  Cromex’s participation in Interplast 2024 will be an opportunity to present its innovation in plastic masterbatches and additives that improve the performance of plastic manufacturing processes. The Act Green, Live All Colors product line is designed to improve the quality of post-consumer resins, reduce the use of fossil raw […]
11 de June de 2024

Tecnoperfil exposes New Label Holder Models that complement its Thermoplastic Solutions

At Interplast 2024, Tecnoperfil presents new label holder models that stand out for being functional, modern and designed to meet current market trends and demands. These innovations complement the company’s already extensive line of thermoplastic solutions, highlighting the use of PVC, reaffirming the commitment to high quality and customized products […]
11 de June de 2024

Bevi Plastic exhibits Masterbatch for Diversified Applications at Interplast

Reliable and innovative Masterbatch solutions for diverse thermoplastic applications will be available at the Bevi Plastic stand at Interplast 2024. With more than three decades of experience in the national and international market, serving a wide range of markets and transformation processes, in the production of Masterbatch, Dry Blend (powder […]
11 de June de 2024

Discover Innovation in Ultrasonic Welding from Herrmann Ultrasound at Interplast

The latest innovations in ultrasonic welding technology can be discovered by Interplast visitors at the Herrmann Ultrassom stand. Renowned market leader with more than 60 years of expertise, the company will present a range of high-performance products aimed at the plastics industry, such as components, systems and ultrasonic welding machines […]
6 de June de 2024

activas group announces at Interplast its New Business Front, actcycle Focused on Sustainability

Interplast 2024 will be the opportunity for the activas Group to officially announce its new business front, actcycle. This new unit is focused on the production and distribution of thermoplastic resins recycled from industrial waste, which represents an innovative initiative in the segment for sustainability. actcycle operates with a reverse […]
4 de June de 2024

PLASBOHN launches Suction and Vacuum Line for Injection and Extrusion Processes at Interplast

At Interplast 2024, PLASBOHN presents visitors with the launch of its latest Suction and Vacuum line. The launch represents a significant advance in its line of products manufactured using the extrusion process. PLASBOHN’s Suction and Vacuum Line offers a complete range of products developed to meet the most varied application […]
4 de June de 2024

Laserflex brings Innovations in Flexography and Integrated Packaging Solutions to Interplast

With more than two decades of presence on the market, Laserflex brings excellence to Interplast, innovations in flexography and integrated solutions for packaging. With a history marked by pioneering and innovation, the company has been a reference in flexography and laser engraving solutions on rubber since 1998. Dedication to pioneering […]
3 de June de 2024

Innovative Solutions in Polymeric Compounds from Petropol at Interplast differentiate themselves through High Performance

  Petropol’s participation in Interplast will be marked by the presentation of innovative solutions in high-performance polymeric compounds, especially in the UPC and NYPOL lines. The UPC line stands out for offering compounds based on PCR or PI polymers (post-consumer or post-industry), which meet applications that require high performance and […]
3 de June de 2024

Crizaf highlights its Differentiated Technology in Solutions for Product Movement and Storage

  Crizaf’s participation at Interplast is an opportunity for visitors to learn about advanced solutions for moving, counting, weighing, separating and storing products. The proposal is to offer options aimed at the efficiency and quality of industrial production lines. As a manufacturer of handling and storage solutions, including conveyor belts […]
3 de June de 2024

Innovations in Mills and Accessories are Rone’s Highlight at Interplast

  Rone, at Interplast 2024, presents a wide variety and innovations of mill models and accessories designed to meet the needs of the most diverse industrial sectors. With a focus on robustness, durability, ease of maintenance and safety, Rone equipment is a choice for companies seeking efficiency and quality in […]
3 de June de 2024

Innovation in Chemical Additives for Paints and Plastics is a highlight of Colortrade at Interplast

The latest innovations in paint and plastic additives will be available at the Colortrade stand at Interplast 2024. The company showcases a comprehensive range of paint and plastic additives and services that drive the industry forward. The carefully selected portfolio of titanium dioxide and additives for paints and plastics improves […]
3 de June de 2024

Concept Materials launches new ultra-concentrated Masterbatchers and presents Nanotechnologies for the Plastics Industry at Interplast 2024

Concept Materials, a supplier of innovative and high-quality solutions for the plastics industry, is preparing a special participation in Interplast 2024 with the launches of ultra-concentrated and effects masterbatches and the incorporation of special particles and nanoformulations to improve resin performance and several other features, increasing product performance. With an […]
3 de June de 2024

Chen Hsong South America exhibits Plastic Injection Molding Machines with Cutting-Edge Technology

Chen Hsong South America, the South American branch of The Chen Hsong Group, one of the global leaders in plastic injection solutions, will be present at Interplast 2024, presenting the latest generation of PVC injection molding machines, in addition to its recent launch of JM-MK6.6/BR series. With a wide range […]
28 de May de 2024

Imerys presents Sustainable Mineral Solutions for the Plastics Industry

Interplast 2024, one of the most important fairs in the plastics sector in Latin America, will be the stage for Imerys, one of the main global suppliers of raw materials, to present its solutions in sustainable minerals. The products are destined for the plastic, rubber, adhesive and paint markets. Recognized […]
28 de May de 2024

Extruded PCR Plastic is a Sustainable and Customizable Solution from Plastial Polímeros at Interplast 2024

Plastial Polímeros presents its product line at Interplast 2024, with emphasis on extruded post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR). Committed to sustainable innovation and superior quality, it offers solutions that meet contemporary environmental and industrial demands. Extruded PCR plastic is an intelligent response to the market’s needs for eco-friendly and high-performance materials. […]
23 de May de 2024

Differentiated Gas-Assisted Injection Technology is highlighted by Wittmann Battenfeld at Interplast

Global leader in plastics processing technology, Wittmann Battenfeld brings the latest injection technology innovation to Interplast: a robust and efficient machine that uses a gas-assisted injection system, generating its own gas. The 120 ton injection molding machine enables exceptional results in terms of quality, efficiency and raw material savings. The […]
23 de May de 2024

New Generation of ROMI Injection Molding Machine and Machining Center are highlighted by Innovative Technology

The latest innovations in injection molding and machining center technology can be found at the ROMI stand at this year’s Interplast. The new generation of equipment was designed to increase productivity, efficiency and precision in operations in the plastics processing industry. The new generation of the ROMI EN 170 injection […]
20 de May de 2024

Dosicolor details its Specialty in Liquid Color Dispersions and Additives for Plastic Transformation

In its presence at Interplast 2024, Dosicolor presents its line of liquid color dispersions and additives for the plastic processing industry. With advanced technology, liquid dispersions offer a series of differences that make them indispensable for the plastic processing industry. From better dispersion of the colorant on the substrate to […]
20 de May de 2024

ACMA SERVICE details Expertise in Automatic Handling Systems for Different Products at Interplast

Interplast 2024 receives the expertise of ACMA SERVICE, an internationally renowned company specialized in the design and production of Automatic Handling Systems for solid, liquid and dense products. With a team of highly qualified engineers, the company offers customized solutions, taking into account the specific needs of each client, the […]
20 de May de 2024

Soma Solution brings Advanced Technology in Coding and Industrial Inspection to Interplast

A frequent presence in Interplast editions, Soma Solution highlights advanced technology in the line of equipment for inspection and industrial inspection. As a leading provider of solutions for deposit and traceability processes, laser marking and micro-punching, the company is committed to offering state-of-the-art technologies to meet the needs of diverse […]
20 de May de 2024

Vemax launches the new High Precision VRA Slitter Rewinder for the Plastics and Packaging Sector

Vemax is pleased to present its latest innovation at Interplast 2024: the high-precision VRA Slitter Rewinder for the plastics and packaging sector. In response to growing demand from the plastics and packaging sector, the company developed a solution that fills a gap in its portfolio, keeping solutions up to date […]
16 de May de 2024

High Conductivity Alloys are highlighted by AMPCO METAL at Interplast

AMPCO METAL is a global reference in providing complete solutions for plastics processing, recognized for its high conductivity alloys and precision machining. The company is known for offering complete and innovative solutions to manufacturers around the world. With a global presence and an unwavering commitment to innovation, AMPCO METAL has […]
16 de May de 2024

FLP Laminados exhibits PET Coils using Recycled Materials at Interplast

  FLP Laminados‘ participation in Interplast is an opportunity to present a diverse line of PET coils to meet different applications in industries, including the use of recycled and virgin materials. The line covers recycled crystal PET coils, colored PET coils in green, white, black, brown and special colors, in […]
16 de May de 2024

Interplast receives the latest Materials Management Technology from Motan

  Motan, in its participation at Interplast 2024, presents its innovative solutions for materials management in the plastics industry. The company supplies a wide range of components for all stages of the process chain in the plastics industry. Products range from volumetric and gravimetric dosing and mixing to material transportation, […]
15 de May de 2024

Innovative Solutions in Thermoplastic Compounds at the Plaschem Stand at Interplast

Plaschem is excited to participate in the Interplast 2024 Fair, where it will present its cutting-edge solutions in thermoplastic compounds, polymer blends and copolymers. With a wide range of materials that include colored compounds and specific properties, such as UV additives, anti-flame and dimensional stability improved with mineral fillers, the […]
15 de May de 2024

Eletrothermo Thermal Covers feature an Infrared Radiation Heating System

Eletrothermo participates in Interplast 2024 with its latest innovations in thermal layers for infrared radiation heating and a wide range of electrical resistances for the plastics sector. With a long tradition of excellence and innovation, the event is used to share knowledge and expertise with fair participants. New infrared radiation […]
14 de May de 2024

SAGEC highlights Innovations in Granulators and Peripherals for Extrusion

Specialized in the manufacture of peripherals for thermoplastic extrusion, SAGEC brings to Interplast the latest innovations and solutions in granulation machines and extrusion peripherals. The granulator for thermoplastics, masterbatches, engineering plastics and recyclers taken to the fair received modifications that impact operational improvements. The granulator received a change in cutting […]
10 de May de 2024

Kraft launches equipment for the recovery and efficient transportation of raw materials at Interplast

Kraft participates in Interplast 2024, where it presents the new line of equipment intended for the recovery of raw materials, alongside injection/blowing machines. The main focus is to optimize processes, reduce losses and improve the efficiency of manufacturing plants. The mill launches are intended for the recovery of raw materials, […]
10 de May de 2024

Lakatos Thermoforming brings Innovation and Efficiency in Thermoforming Machines to Interplast

Lakatos Termoformadoras arrives at Interplast 2024 with its leadership in the thermoforming market, highlighting the innovation and technology of the machines. The company is a reference in the market for offering continuous production thermoformers with unique differences. The main focus is to create robust, high-production machines, combining cutting-edge technology with […]
10 de May de 2024

Injetec exhibits Thermoplastic Injection Molding Machines with State-of-the-art Control Panels

The latest trends in thermoplastic technology can be seen at the Injetec stand at Interplast, with emphasis on injection molding machines with state-of-the-art control panels. The latest line of thermoplastic injection molding machines was designed to guarantee efficiency and precision at each stage of the production process. Thermoplastic injection molding […]
10 de May de 2024

Solutions in Extrusion of Technical Profiles is the highlight of Homeplast at Interplast

In its presence at Interplast 2024, Homeplast has the opportunity to present the latest innovations and solutions in extrusion of technical plastic profiles. With a continuous commitment to innovation and excellence, it offers a wide range of solutions for various sectors, including refrigeration, supermarkets, gym equipment, automotive, white goods, glass, […]
9 de May de 2024

Artplast presents Innovations in Recycled Material that Maximize Sustainability in the Plastic Industry

Discover the future of sustainability with innovation in recycled material for the plastic industry at the Artplast stand at Interplast. With a focus on innovation and commitment to reducing environmental impact, the company presents differentiated solutions using high-quality recycled material. At the fair, visitors have the opportunity to understand the […]
8 de May de 2024

Color Trends for 2025 and Sustainable Innovations are highlighted by Termocolor at Interplast

At this year’s Interplast, Termocolor presents the 2025 trends that promise to win over consumers next year. The new colors are known as Olivia Celestial Yellow, Scarlet Cherry Lacquer, Jade Retro Blue, Siena Neon Flare and Valentina Future Dusk. They reflect stability and security and are closely linked to nature […]
7 de May de 2024

Quality Control and Precision in Engecolor Color Formulation available at Interplast

  Engecolor presents its line of X-Rite Pantone colorimeters and spectrophotometers at Interplast 2024, offering advanced solutions for quality control and color formulations. The company highlights color measurement and correction technology in a non-contact production line, developed for laminated plastics, profiles or pellets, providing precise and efficient production. Non-contact measurement […]
7 de May de 2024

Discover Excellence in Special Steels supplied by Diferro at the Company Booth at Interplast

  Diferro presents its premium line of special steels at Interplast 2024, bringing unparalleled innovation and quality to the construction of molds and dies. The premium VR300 range offers exceptional performance, ensuring uniform hardness across the entire thickness of up to 600 mm (29 to 35 HRC). With a thermal […]
7 de May de 2024

Metalúrgica Wagner launches New Crushing Line for Urban Solid Waste Recycling

At Interplast 2024, Metalúrgica Wagner launches the new municipal solid waste (MSW) shredding line, a significant advance in waste treatment and recycling. The equipment was developed to meet growing demands for effective waste treatment solutions. With unparalleled quality and robustness, the equipment guarantees an efficient crushing process and a meticulous […]
7 de May de 2024

Leader in Plastic Compounds, Montelur presents Cutting-edge Technology and Biocertified Line

  Montelur, a renowned company from the Eflaya Group, is present at Interplast 2024, where it presents its line of high-tech plastic compounds. With a wide range of polymers, including PVC, TPU, TPE and TR, in addition to a line biocertified by the United States USDA as biopreferred, the company […]
3 de May de 2024

Sustainable Plasticizers and Stabilizers for PVC is an INBRA innovation at Interplast

INBRA arrives at Interplast 2024 with a proposal to boost the plastics market sustainable solutions in phthalate-free plasticizers. PVC plasticizers developed from plant materials are mainly aimed at the wire and cable sectors, as well as applications in the hospital area. Along with this, it expands the Inbraflex line, already […]
1 de May de 2024

Refrigeration and Heating Solutions for Industry are highlighted by Via Equipamentos at Interplast

  Via Equipamentos, in its participation in this year’s Interplast, presents its wide range of refrigeration and heating products for the industry in general. With an unwavering commitment to assured quality, the development of special products and competitive prices based on efficient engineering, it is dedicated to meeting the demands […]
30 de April de 2024

Albag brings National Technology in Preparation of Raw Materials for PVC Compounds to Interplast

Confirmed presence at Interplast 2024, Albag exhibits its advanced system and equipment for PMP (Preparation of Raw Materials) aimed at manufacturers of PVC compounds. Developed and manufactured in Brazil, the PVC compound preparation system is an innovative solution to meet the specific needs of the industry. The system was designed […]
30 de April de 2024

Interplast will have Sustainable and Innovative Solutions in PCR at the Raposo Plásticos and Clean Plastic stand

  Raposo Plásticos brings to Interplast a wide variety of sustainable and innovative solutions for various industrial sectors. From PP compounds, RACOM line, which features reinforced virgin or recycled (PCR) products with excellent mechanical properties, to 100% post-consumer recycled materials (PCR) with color control, superior mechanical properties and strict property […]
30 de April de 2024

LONGWELL INDUSTRY showcase EPS Machinery at Interplast

At Interplast 2024, LONGWELL INDUSTRY showcase it cutting-edge EPS (expanded polystyrene) machinery, offering unparalleled efficiency, innovation and reliability to the industry. With over 20 years of expertise in EPS technology, the company is committed to providing advanced solutions that meet the evolving needs of their customers worldwide. The EPS machines […]
25 de April de 2024

Haitian launches the Generation 5 Injection Molding Machine at Interplast with Technology that redefines Industry Standards

The next evolution in the injection molding machine industry brought by Haitian to Interplast 2024, features cutting-edge technology that redefines industry standards. The brand’s injection molding machines are known for their exceptional innovation and performance. With Generation 5, the bar has been raised even further, incorporating revolutionary technologies for injection […]
25 de April de 2024

Total PET highlights Leadership in Plastic Recycling at Interplast

At Interplast 2024, Total PET showcases the latest advances in PET plastic recycling and its commitment to leading the way to a more sustainable future. The recent opening of a new plant dedicated to the production of PET PCR grain, capable of meeting food grade, is a significant milestone in […]
25 de April de 2024

CCP highlights its Excellence in the Supply of Rigid and Flexible PVC Compounds at Interplast

CCP, in its presence at Interplast 2024, presents a wide range of rigid and flexible PVC compounds, designed to meet the needs of various industrial sectors. With 18 years of experience and an immense commitment to quality, CCP is the ideal choice for companies looking for reliable and sustainable solutions […]
24 de April de 2024

Strategic Partners Dakhia and Produmaster bring high temperature resistant Bio-polyamide to Interplast

  Dakhia is pleased to announce its participation in Interplast where it exhibits bio-polyamides and highlights its strategic partnership with Produmaster, a leading company in the production of polypropylene compounds mainly for the automotive market. Both companies are ISO-9001 and IATF-16949 certified, which meet all the technical quality requirements of […]
24 de April de 2024

Piovan highlights New Equipment with a focus on Industrial Automation

In its presence at Interplast 2024, Piovan presents new equipment aimed at industrial automation and Doteco, a line that was imported and is now produced in Brazil. The portfolio includes innovative solutions for the plastics processing, recycling and circular economy sectors. As a world leader in the development and production […]
18 de April de 2024

Ocatgon exhibits Extrusion Equipment for the Production of High Density Plastic Films

Interplast will be the setting for Octagon to present its extrusion equipment, with emphasis on the line developed to cater to the automation of plastic film extruders. The products are designed with a focus on producing high-density films, ensuring precision in thickness control and superior quality. Octagon equipment is designed […]
17 de April de 2024

Explore Innovation in Additives and Colorants at the Cristal Master Booth at Interplast

  Cristal Master will present Interplast visitors with an extensive line of high-power additives and colorants for recycling. With innovative and sustainable solutions, the company stands out as a leader in the supply of masterbatches and additives for thermoplastic transformers. These products were created to increase the performance and quality […]
17 de April de 2024

ARBURG Hybrid Injector differentiates itself by High Performance and Energy Efficiency

  ARBURG, a renowned German family company and world leader in plastic processing technology, will be present at Interplast with its innovative ARBURG ALLROUNDER 570 H 1800 – 800 Packaging hybrid injection molding machine. This robust machine, with 180 tons of closing force, is configured to produce tubs of ice […]
16 de April de 2024

Qualitermo’s strategy at Interplast is to present Advanced Solutions in Injection of Plastic Parts and Components

  Qualitermo, in its presence at Interplast 2024, presents its innovative solutions in the injection of parts and components in engineering plastics. It offers complete solutions in injection services for technical parts and components in engineering plastics, meeting the varied demands of customers. Services include injection of parts to industrial […]
16 de April de 2024

BY Engenharia launches Exclusive High Performance Corrugator from Itib Machinery

In its participation in Interplast, BY Engenharia the latest advances in high-performance corrugators from the renowned Itib Machinery, in particular the launch of the FV32/112HP model, designed to meet the demands of a highly competitive market. Along with the launch, fair visitors have the opportunity to explore the complete portfolio […]
16 de April de 2024

Evacon brings Innovation in Refrigeration for the Thermoplastic Industry to Interplast

Confirmed for Interplast 2024, Evacon brings to the fair the most advanced refrigeration technology for the thermoplastic industry. With a wide range of products and solutions, the company presents two of its main products: the Chiller for chilled water cooling and process optimization, and the TCA-type exchanger, widely used in […]
16 de April de 2024

Pickler Tooling highlights its Specialty in High Performance Extrusion Molds at Interplast

Tooling Pickler announces its participation in Interplast 2024, where it highlights its expertise in executing projects and manufacturing high-performance extrusion molds. Extrusion molds are built based on the specific needs of each customer, using special steel and rectangular or circular plates. The company cuts and finishes the profile design using […]
16 de April de 2024

BOLE BL250EKW PVC injection molding machine from Eurostec at Interplast comes with Advanced Technology for Rigid PVC Connections

  Eurostec at Interplast 2024 launches its latest and innovative BOLE injection molding machine model BL250EKW PVC for the production of rigid PVC connections. This new EKW PVC series incorporates the renowned BOLE technology, which offers a central locking system and redefines the standards of efficiency and precision in the […]
16 de April de 2024

SINO-TECH presents Injection and Blow Molding Solutions with Chinese Technology at Interplast

At this year’s Interplast, SINO-TECH brings vast experience and expertise in providing quality solutions with excellent cost-benefit in injection and blow molds for plastic processing industries. As a Chinese diemaker with Brazilian characteristics, it has been committed to offering the best molds to Brazil since 2012. From small molds up […]
16 de April de 2024

RAX Service launches New Versions of Gravimetric Dosers and Management System 4.0 at Interplast

Supplier of feeders, dosers, dehumidifiers and management systems for the plastics processing industry, RAX Service launches at this year’s Interplast new versions of gravimetric dosers and the management system prepared for Industry 4.0. Since 1977, RAX Service has been a pioneer in the production of 100% Brazilian equipment for industrial […]
16 de April de 2024

Casafer highlights Technological Solutions to Increase Productivity in the Mold Industry at Interplast

A reference in providing technological solutions designed to boost productivity in the plastic and metal parts transformation sector and for manufacturers of large-scale production tooling, Casafer exhibits its technological solutions at Interplast. With a wide range of standardized components and mechanisms, the company offers ideal options for the manufacture and […]
16 de April de 2024

At Interplast, Automata launches Exclusive Cartesian Robot 100% Made in Brazil

Automata is honored to announce its participation in Interplast 2024, where it presents first-hand the exclusive launch of the Cartesian Robot, manufactured 100% in Brazil. This innovative industrial manipulator is highly customizable, economical and ideal for automating processes, in addition to offering flexibility in the automation of injection molding machines. […]
7 de April de 2024

Supremo Plásticos takes P.I.R. Polymers to Interplast. of Quality and Environmental Awareness

  Supremo Plásticos‘ participation in Interplast will be marked by the presentation of an innovation in the polymer market: P.I.R. Polymers. (Post-Industrial Resin), a resin obtained from industrial plastic shavings. These polymers, coming from post-production material, are tested and approved by the industry’s rigorous quality controls, ensuring customers quality and […]
28 de March de 2024

Viso Quadros exhibits Customized Products for Corporate Visual Communication at Interplast

Innovative options to optimize visual communication and process management in companies. This is the expertise that Viso Quadros brings to Interplast through customized solutions for different demands. Viso Quadros’ personalized products are developed to meet the specific needs of each client, offering visual communication solutions aimed at Visual Management and […]
28 de March de 2024

Rulli Standard brings Innovative Solutions in Extrusion Machines for Industry 4.0 to Interplast

One of the leaders in the national extrusion market, Rulli Standard is preparing the latest solutions developed in extrusion machines for Interplast 2024. The technologies developed with market partners follow industry 4.0 trends, highlighting the proximity between locally manufactured machinery and the commercial advantages in relation to imported products. Among […]
28 de March de 2024

Launch of Qualiterme’s Chiller Hybrid at Interplast brings Innovative Technology and High Productivity to the Market

Qualiterme launches the Hybrid Line Chiller at Interplast, equipped with a fixed speed compressor and a variable speed compressor, developed with cutting-edge technology and high productivity. Hybrid focuses on improving temperature performance in industrial processes, offering maximum efficiency and energy savings of up to 20%. This Chiller was designed to […]
27 de March de 2024

Wortex’s Challenger Recycler-Generation III Line at Interplast has Innovations for Plastic Recycling

Wortex brings its Challenger Recycler-Generation III Line to Interplast, a machine that redefines efficiency and sustainability standards. The plastic recycling machine is designed to meet the new philosophy of the Circular Economy. With updated components and cutting-edge technology, this line of products offers efficiency and low operating costs in recycling […]
27 de March de 2024

Go Green P-Life, the revolutionary Bioassimilation Additive, is Eco Ventures Brasil’s bet for Interplast 2024

Eco Ventures is present at Interplast 2024 with Go Green P-Life, the revolutionary bioassimilation oxidative catalyst that has been transforming the plastics industry, truly promoting sustainability. Go Green P-Life is a pro-degradant resin based on a fatty acid derived from Palm coconut oil, coming from a renewable source. This resin […]
21 de March de 2024

Liansu highlights Chinese Technology in Extruders for PVC, HDPE Pipes and Profiles, Mixers and Dosers at Interplast 2024

LIANSU as a market leader in the manufacture of extruders for smooth tubes, corrugated tubes and profiles of various materials and mixers with Chinese technology are the highlights that it is presenting at Interplast 2024. With a continuous commitment to innovation and quality, the company highlights stands out in the […]
21 de March de 2024

Polimold exhibits at Interplast Mold Holders and Hot Runners recognized for their Precision and Robustness

Polimold returns to Interplast where it presents its latest innovations in Mold Holders and Hot Runner Systems. The product line is recognized for its precision, robustness and customization capabilities. Using state-of-the-art technology, these products offer integrated solutions that optimize the production cycle, reduce operating costs and improve the quality of […]
21 de March de 2024

Krisoll launches Krisoll Brand Polyamide Compounds in the Southern Region Market

  Krisoll confirms its presence at Interplast 2024 where it presents the SOLLAMID brand of high thermo/mechanical performance Polyamide 6 and 66 compounds, specially developed to meet the demands of the engineering plastics market. Presence at the fair also marks the official launch of SOLLAMID in the South region, a […]