Getting there Back

By plane:
  • Regular flights TAM, GOL, TRIP and AZUL to Joinville
  • Joinville Airport - Lauro Carneiro de Loyola: The Joinville Airport, one of the largest in the Southern Region, is located 13 km from the city center, 75 km from the Navegantes Airport, 110 km from the Curitiba Airport and 163 km from the Florianopolis Airport.

By car:

  • From Florianópolis (SC) to Joinville, is 195 km by BR-101, northbound.
  • From Curitiba (PR) to Joinville, is 140 km by BR-376, southbound.
  • From Porto Alegre (RS) to Joinville, is 722 km by BR-290 turning left on BR-101 (see above the Florianópolis - Joinville route).


Megacentro Wittich Freitag • Expoville • Rua 15 de Novembro, 4.305 • Glória • Joinville • SC • 89216-202